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28 May 2020 at 9:12:03 pm

Multi Cloud

Making multi-cloud architecture using AWS, GCP and integrating it with the OS, achieving real-time file sync with backup.

We are in the era of Cloud, but not trust. So why trust one company with everything. Hence a multi-cloud architecture. To demonstrate this, we can integrate it with our OS using python, and whenever a new file is pushed onto our file system, the engine can sweep in and back up our data onto the cloud. But the catch is, the data is segregated. So getting data from AWS is not enough. The data we uploaded was broken up. One half went to AWS, and the other one into GCP.
I want someone good at encryption, so that the data moving towards the cloud can be encrypted seamlessly.
Preferred encryption: AES
The data would be encrypted, broken up, and sent to the cloud over SSL/TLS connection. While downloading, the parts would be merged, and the encryption shouldn't fail.

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