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We are launching ProjectHub a platform for the project, for the people, by the people.

We have heard how it's difficult to find good partners or find good projects to contribute to. 

Send us at, or message Patrons or admins       ( you can find them at Members ).

But before that, make sure your profile is public instead of Private.

To check that, go to


Public Profile

Private Profile

Changing profile types can be done by clicking the three-dotted menu.


After your profile is public, you can reach out and done! Your request will remain on our website. If someone is interested, they'll contact you through HacLabs or through your email ID.


Currently, we have 3 types of request planned:

  1.  Members requesting for partners to help in their project.

    • In this, do remember to mention the skillsets you're looking for, and briefly explain your project.​

  2. Members with skillset looking to join a project.​

    • Here, remember to mention your skillset obviously, how well can you contribute, ​and what type of project you want to contribute in.

  3. Members looking to learn a new skill set practically.​

    • Sometimes, we know a skill or concept theoretically, but we never had the chance to actually implement it.​

What we need:

  1. Your name

  2. A catchy title.

  3. A short description.

  4. A long description (600 characters). Also don't include confidential data essential to your project.

  5. Your email ID

  6. Your Community Page URL. It can be found under My Account. An example is given below.


Now, as you know how to write your request, jump on and build great things. 

Launching: June 30th, 2020



If we get positive feedback, then we may take this further and launch ProjectD

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