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while doing CTF challenges we face steganography many times. Secret files or messages are embedded in an image by using this method . Steghide is one of the tool that is used in steganography and it also protects the file with a passphrase . So in this article we are going to use a python module to crack the passphrase.

Installation : pip3 install stegcracker

Now syntax is so simple : stegcracker <file> [wordlist]

Now suppose we have an image and we want to crack the passphrase to find the hidden file so for that we run the command :

stegcracker new.jpg

In this example we have not specified dictionary to be used ,By default it uses /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt file to crack the password.

As you can see we have find the passphrase. Now let's use this to get the file hidden inside the image.

Done!! we succeed in finding the secret file and by using the cat command we are read the content of the file secret.txt

This tool is very easy to use and very helpful in such kind of situations where we have don't know the passphrase.

To know more about steghide tool please read our article here .


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