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Deception 1.1

This machine is the next part of the Deception machine. This time try harder to get root!

Deception 1.1

To complete this challenge you need to find 3 flags.

Flag 2: Password to unzip the zip file.

Flag 1: Present in /home/yash/

Flag 0: Present in /root/

This is a beginner/intermediate level machine.

Technical Information : 

  • machine is based on Ubuntu 64bit
  • Tested on VirtualBox
  • DHCP is enabled (set as bridged networking)

[Hint 1: 646563657074696f6e20312e31]

NOTE: you may face connection lost issue, no problem restart the virtual machine and everything will start to work again!



If you have solved this machine in an unintended way then please let us know, you may get a chance to publish your writeup on our website.

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